03 March 2013

moon rise

video that i borrowed from:

Amazing video of a moon rise over Mt Victoria, near where I live in Wellington, New Zealand. This is STUNNING! ♥

22 February 2013

waaay tooooo loooonnnggg!


didn't i promise myself that i would not take an extended hiatus from blogging?

             didn't i say that blogging would be one way for me to be a more reflective educator?

                     didn't i just take an 8 month break from blogging?

can i get back in the blog?

             should i try to get back in the blog?

                               will it make any difference if i even attempt to??  ??

29 June 2012

summer time and the living is easy??

well summer has begun.  the regular school year has ended.  i'm starting to feel the tension/tiredness of the year unwind.  and i'm really starting to look forward to the Summer Scholars program that i will be part of during july!!

one of my roles during this program is to facilitate the use of restorative practices within our summer community.   well, i believe in this  concept of everyone is responsible to themselves and their group; that everyone have the right to be heard and respected; but how to actually live it and teach it to others??

here's one article that discusses restorative practices:

22 February 2012

thinking about seeing if mr. a. pisano would consider being my mentor. 
 .  .  .  .  .  to be able to welcome people in and out of daily life .  .  .  .  to let others see all the bits and pieces that make up the history of the individual being .  .  .  .  .  to  be unconcerned w/what others think or take away  .   .   .   .  

This Is My Home from Mark on Vimeo.