10 December 2008

The Maiden Voyage

Here I go. I know that some people think of the "wilderness" as a scary or dark place, but when I imagine a wilderness I think of adventure. I can imagine exploring places that I have never been before or revisiting locations and finding more details. That's exactly what this feels like-the beginning of an adventure! Sure, I've used the internet for e-mails and research, but I'm just beginning to realize how world-changing this www is. . . how it is not completely developed. . .how it blows out the walls of a classroom/school and expands it to include almost anywhere on earth!
I'm not sure where this adventure will take me, but I am very excited about beginning the journey!!
This map of the world wide web can be found at http:// www.vlib.us/web/worldwideweb3d.html.
It shows the connections and domains of the internet. The colors were added to represent .edu, .gov, .com, etc. domains.


  1. This is a great site. I love kermit. And where did that amazing picture come from? You are so right, this is a digital adventure and www...realy is world changing.

  2. amc-thanks for posting a comment. I'd like to post to yours but can't find a comment link?? I found one last night, but when I went to publish it, either I goofed or the computer hiccupped. Now I can't find the comment link.

    I can't find the "posted by" line that the comment link usually follows.

  3. I'm excited about where this will take us as well! I had never really considered the benefit of blogging or it's use as an educational tool, I'm enjoying it so far and really think I'm going to enjoy this course.
    Very nice site...Nice Job!!

  4. when i think of wilderness i think of the wilderness family. remember them? and i think of grizzly adams and jeremiah johnson. i also think of little house on the prairie but that's because her name was wilder. she was a teacher. imagine if she blogged. imagine if her students could read the good bloggers of the day.
    foghorn langhorne said...
    "i'd like to do more with this huckleberry character. any ideas?"

  5. I agree with your prespecitive about wilderness. It really is. I don't know what is around the next bend. Whatever it is, I am ready for it, and I can't wait for it to happen. In some way it reminds me of life. What do you think?


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