23 February 2009

Students tap into technology (this is the link! thanks to porkyshin for raising the bar!)

"This is where education is going. If you don't do it, you're going to get left in the dust."

this is the ending quote of yesterday's Pittsburgh Tribune-Review article about schools implimenting technology in the classrooms.

one english teacher rarely uses books in her classes at Greater Latrobe High School. instead her students often read their assigned texts on-line. she also uses videoconferencing and remote control quizes. she has been building technology into her classroom and teaching since 2003.

teachers in this district have decided that in order to meet the needs of today's students, they really have no choice but to encorporate technology in the learning.

adding this much needed technology can be cost prohibitive. fortunately, many schools are able to take advantage of a Pennsylvania Dept of Ed. grant program called Classrooms for the Future to help defray some of these costs.

it seems that in most states and districts, the needs far outweight the resources. how will schools manage to provide the needed technology? bake sales? private donations, sponsorships from businesses? there doesn't seem to be enough $$$$ available to fund the evolving needs of education.


  1. nice labels. your slog really separates the flemenn from the spentmn. i haven't had time to go to that link yet; i'm too busy sabotaging my educational opportunity here on a post-witching hour rendezvous with reflective absurdity. pure nonsense i tell ya! but the article looks to be a heckuva pantrap (in every sense of the word!)

    ps. how are those portfolio slips coming?

  2. okay. i read the article. and pantrap only begins to describe it.

    i prefaced the final 5575 lesson presentation with "assuming the technology is available..." a bit of a soah thing to do, but it was the only dark cloud on the whole class for me; knowing that what i was learning will need to be, given the state of the city's resources, taught in the most creative way.

    kind of like teaching thronls without any shirohoc.

    anyway, keep up the good work. got portfolio?


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