05 February 2009

twittering from link to link

i've been thinking about these twitter accounts all my cohort peers and i have created. trying to see how i might realistically use this newly acquired tool. can't really see the whole picture yet, but i've spent some time bouncing around in twitterland, just seeing who is out there, what they might be saying, checking out links and i bounced over to weblogg=ed, a site maintained by Will Richardson.


His 04 Feb post reflects on an article from the District Administration Magazine that states that < 25% of teachers feel comfortable teaching students about cyberspace safety! there's a bunch of comments and responses. really got me thinking again about which techi-tools i would like to use first and what do i need to do to prepare myself to be a responsible teacher.

one of the strands of conversation hanging off this post has to do with are parents talking to their kids about internet safety. i think that a majority of adults aren't sure what to tell their kids about the travels on the world wide web. unfortunately, i think that translates to little, if any, talk about this subject.

any thoughts out there?


  1. I think you are a reflective teacher. Just the fact you are considering these things tells me that. Keep thinking!

  2. i just went to the slog diane mentioned in her email:


    it has a video about twitter on it. it made life a little tweeter.

    beana- the boston variation of a headhunter. i.e. "when clemons threw at fenway, he was some kinda wicked beana." (ok, that's not such a good one, but the words must not be wasted!)