01 June 2009

The Beginning of a new adventure

or is it just the continuation of the same adventure?

tonight we begin our class on teaching social studies. i have to admit that this one makes me a little uncomfortable to think about because it undoubtedly will force me to face the trueth that i have large gaping holes in my social studies knowledge! nsjshs must not have put a high priority on social studies, i learned just enough to pass with ok grades and then receive my high school diploma. now in the last 29 years i should have filled in a number of these gaps on my own . . . . but i have not. so i believe that the next 10 weeks will challenge me to think not only about what future students need to learn and how they might best learn it, but what do i need to know and how will i best absorb and apply this knowledge of social studies.

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  1. i just completed the "history" lesson. it was a lot harder and took a lot longer than i thought it would and it's still a questionable endeavor. endeavor; google that and make a history lesson. that's how simple it could have been. but, of course, why do the simple thing? by this time next week, when i'm finishing up the geography lesson, this lesson will be history. then, i can resubmit it as such.

    always thinking.


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