30 October 2009

A Class Divided

-after all these years, still somethings to be learned here.

i had heard about mrs. elliot and her experiment more than a few times over the years, but i had never seen this video.

while watching this video, i was struck by how quickly these students changed their ways of dealing with classmates just because mrs. elliot said that they were "inferior".

even more startling was the change in behavior and class performance of the "inferior" group. they even moved and carried themselves differently!!

these changes occurred so quickly and easily.

it reminds me that how i deal w/my students can have a profound and lasting impact.

am i doing and saying things that make any of my students feel as though i think they are unintelligent or incapable than any other students or people? do i treat each child that i encounter throughout the day with the dignity, respect and value that i want my own children to be treated? i hope so. i try to. if i'm not, i want someone to let me know!

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  1. i just saw 'where the wild things are' this afternoon. now, with you making me watch this (all five chapters), i was moved to tears twice today. i'm sure it was just the manipulative score playing in the background. (aah, the eighties!)

    whatever paper you're mustering inspiration for should be a good one. thanks for finding and sharing.


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