03 February 2010

what a ride!!!

i can't believe that we're wrapping up week 8 of student teaching already!!!

now it is true that i have not been regular in updating this blog. and it is also true that i have not been regular in updating the classroom blog either. tsk, tsk! but i will say that i have learned an incredible amount of "teacher stuff." one of these pieces of hard earned knowledge is - do not put off adding to the blog!! it only takes a day or 2 and the "new" information is "old" and everyone is investigating and digesting new and more complex ideas and problems.

words of advice to myself: set aside a few minutes/day(s) to enter the important stuff. give them resources that help them to reinforce, review and further explore what you do in class! have fun. give simplistically clear directions. tell them exactly what you want and expect. have more fun!!

it's been a blast! i just love it!!!

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