25 August 2010

enough vacation!! . . .?????

school is about to recommence here in lil rhody and i have certainly taken enough time off from blogging to have created a new habit of not writing regularly.

or did i uncreate a fairly new habit?

no matter, it is time to dust off the skills that can be remembered and to get it done

very excited to be returning to the middle school where i finished up last year! was only there for about 2 months and was just starting to feel like i was getting the hang of the middle school environment and habitat - - - very different than both elementary and high school. there are big changes happening in our district and special ed is included in this morphing and forming. of course many of us are not entirely sure what that really means. surely it will all be spelled out next monday at orientation!

stumbled across a link @ npr.org that made me think of my neighbor blogger (also a recent grad of j&w's mat program!!). hoping he can help me clarify how graphic novels, manga, superhero comics, etc. are all related. do they all huddle under the umbrella of COMICS?? are they considered separate entities? it occurs to me that there is a huge gap in my literary background! (and i claim to be an educator!)

got to go now. need to start making my plans for SATURDAY!!

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