13 January 2009

i was just thinking about all the digi-techi stuff we've checked out since the beginning of the trimester. . .especially this blogging media.   all this thinking caused me to have a realization moment.   once the initial excitement of the new blogging toy had worn away a bit, i found that i was a bit reluctant to post here or make comments on other blogs!!   

why would that be?  it had been fun to check out what others were thinking and discovering.  and it had been exciting to create and publish.  waiting to see if anyone would post a comment reminded me of what it felt like, as a kid, waiting for the mailman to arrive---hoping that there would be a letter from a pen pal filled with news and answers to questions that i had asked in my last letter.

that's when i realized that i believe that i am hesitating to write because i am at a point where (if i read something that touches me or gets me thinking) i want to respond in a thoughtful and meaningful way--that i want the other person to know that he/she has influenced my thinking in someway.  that kind of response takes some thinking and planning.  when we are communicating in just the printed word  (no facial expression, no voice inflection, no body language, not eye contact) the words and their arrangement need to be that much more precisely chosen.  hey! didn't we just read something similar to that!?  and thinking and planning takes time and energy, two commodities that don't seem to be in surplus at this time!

none the less,  i'm going to try to rearrange my thinking a smidgen.  if i read something that gets me to think or wonder or maybe just agree with, i think i'll try to make myself sign in and let that writer know that their effort made a difference for me


  1. Very good point. When we write and post we must think of the impact to the reader. Your post tells me that you are ready to share and respond to others posts. Keep blogging!

  2. the problem is this. if you were to respond to someone else's thoughts on thei...hold that thought.

  3. back. i agree with what you're saying. on this adventure, though, you need to keep in mind that the people that are, at least currently, slogging onto your adventure are probably hosting a slog party of their own and anything worth saying will be reserved for that on their own special plat in the wilderness. while i definitely look back at what i've written to see if it's just so, the ideas are fairly freewheeling. looking at some of the other slogs from the class, it's evident that some folks feel a need to truly compose and consequently have less to show for it. at this stage of the adventure, i don't think that's a good think. (see there, i meant to write thing, but i wrote think and i thing that's okay, because it works for me.)