14 January 2009

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  1. this, i still don't totally get. not your podcast specifically, but podcasts in general. however, as i wikied, this might be a good influence to change my mind- http://www.bobsprankle.com/bobsprankle/index.html
    check it out

  2. but how do i get it to link!!!!!?????

  3. thanks for the info. i'm writing here because it seems the safest place. by that i mean the place where the fewest sloggers will go to post because let's get real. it's a podcast! (one of the initial signs of the forthcoming apodcastlypse, by the way) (or should i write btw?) (a second sign!) anyway, i really cannot believe, not that my slog is so great, the amount of flog out there. that's right, flog. you figure it out. major flogging going on. in the flogosphere. it's almost laughable. no, wait, it is. thank you for letting me flog here. i feel better.

    ps. check out pestalozzi, because henry wants you to and he's a good follower. also, he (pestalozzi) seems like a pretty interesting character in the history of education. (as is henry)

  4. also, i'm going to start keeping a list of verification words. that last post up there used "hingsms." you know, phrases that contain only words that end in -hing. (i.e. washing something?)