04 February 2009

Let's Get Started! reflection on ch 3

Obviously, starting a personal blog is not quite the same as setting up a blog for classes to use. The more I think about the details involved with getting a blog going for a class to use, the more I realize how many details need to be thought about . . . how many procedures need to be formulated, written down and then taught (to all the necessary and appropriate individuals). But I don't even think these details are the hardest part for me.

W. Richardson speaks about getting in the habit of writing for an audience. The idea of writing for a larger audience (greater than one at a time) is a little intimidating at times. Almost all of the writing that I have done in the past has been created with one reader in mind. Creating and posting to blogs during this trimester is the first time that I can remember intentionally composing my thoughts with the knowledge that the writing could/would be viewed/critiqued/commented on by any number of individuals. The experience has made me more conscious (or perhaps self-conscious) of my thinking and writing style. I notice that I try to to be more intentional in my wording and presentation. Will it ever become second nature to sit down to write a post. Will I ever feel as though what I think and write is not quite good enough for others to spend time reading? Or that I haven't quite succeeded in expressing my point?

The other point that stood out in Chapter 3 was to be a proficient blogger I will need to develop and practice the habit of meaningful reflection. This means that I must break my habit of reading something, deciding if I like it or not and then moving on. Now I will need to keep thinking . . . why did I agree, what sounded correct or incorrect, where can I look to see if there is any supporting evidence to this claim . . . sounds like a lot of work sometimes. But it also feels exciting. It really feels like a responsibility to keep on learning!!


  1. nice work mda. it's simply unbelievable the quality (and lack of quantity) contained in our flogging wilderness. i think your questioning (or is that just out loud slogging?) of how can you accomplish the task or meet the challenge that has been put in front of you by this course is on point. a little stroll around the wilderness and you wonder- if folks with professorial (i.e. professional) instruction in the ways of the web, including a text that no 2nd grader will ever get into (as a 2nd grader), are not interested in exercising their "newly minted skills," then yes, how do you get a 2nd grader into it? (or a 6th or 11th?) i'm hoping the answer is, and i think it might be, that they'll already be into it and anything you can bring to the table will be regarded as gold. we're playing with a new toy here. screw the fogies, let's play!

  2. aren't those 2nd, 6th, and other graders part of the evolving landscape as we type?? sometimes it seems as though they were hardwired into the digital force. but then they wouldn't really be hard wired would they? . . . . . it would be more like a wireless connection.

    slog on brother!

  3. true.

    have you noticed on your interests bit on your slogfile that when you click one specific interest it delivers the slogfiles of others with the same interest? weird. experimentally speaking, i wonder what the floggiest interest you could come up with would deliver. gleaze flavored toenail clippings trading for example. (gleaze being a verification word, of course)