01 August 2009

Time to Paint the Floor - Brain Boosters

found at http://school.discoveryeducation.com/brainboosters/

Time to Paint the Floor
QIf it takes Polly the Painter 1 hour to paint a bedroom floor that is 9 feet wide and 12 feet long, how long will it take her to paint the living room floor, which is twice as wide and twice as long?

see comments for answer and explaination


  1. A. Four hours. The size of a room that measures 9’ x 12’ is 108 square feet. A room that is twice as long and twice as wide will measure 18’ by 24’, which makes 432 square feet. That makes the living room 4 times the size of the bedroom, so it will take 4 times as long to paint.

  2. fun site. good because a lot of these can be done mentally without paper and pencil. even with paper and pencil, there are some good warm ups in here. i give it three and three quarter stars (out of four). happy august.

  3. and how is it that you have time to be slogging through the blogs? perhaps you have completed all you writing already? if so, i am envious ~ can you teach me how to stay on task?

    and a happy august to you also!!

  4. i'm looking at RIBTS 2.4 and i 'm thinking this site answers it. but how can you make the bridge from the site to your instruction? a: the bogs.
    (i might steal it)