05 September 2009

2009-2010 begins

i am so unimpressed w/my inability to stay on top of this one little blog.

i started this post a whole month ago!! i fear that i am missing a critical skill necessary to juggle work, school, family . . . maybe i can buy it on e-bay or craig's list.

this was the first week of school = a new ta placement + the beginning of practicum

this means that i spent the last 3 days in a 3rd grade classroom adjusting to a new school, as well as, elementary students. they were 3 great days! - wonder if it will continue to be exciting and great, or is it just the novelty?? guess only time will reveal this answer. in the meantime, i am witnessing lots of the scientific based practices that we have learner about, learning lots and having an utterly fantastic time.

mrs. t, the teacher i am working with, has been spending a great deal of time teaching everyday procedures (lining up, bathroom breaks, paper passing out and in, pencil sharpening, etc.). now where have i heard that that was important and appropriate?

well, a month has gone by since i began writing this post. it has been very interesting and reassuring to see mrs. t's energy, consistency and persistence is paying off. last friday there were only 2 students that moved out of the "green card" zone. during the first few weeks of school there were often as many as 8-10 in the "yellow" or "orange" - sometimes even more.

tomorrow is the first day of necap testing for elementary school students in ri. our 3rd graders will be taking these assessments for the first time. i worry about those who struggle each day to make sense of reading. thank goodness that they can have the text of the math word problems read to them.

ok. enough for now.

my goal for oct. is to post at least 3 more times (1x/wk). perhaps by making a public/published declaration of this goal, i will be giving myself the motivation needed to get back here more often.

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